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Pediatric Hospital Bed

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Pediatric Care Hospital Bed Features

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to find out more about the features that make this bed the safe choice.

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Minimize Infections:

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  • Antibacterial siderails and head/footboard kill 99.9% of MRSA and E.coli bacteria
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Entrapment Compliance:

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  • Siderails pass all 7 of the FDA Entrapment Guidelines
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Monitor Bed Activity:

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  • 3-zone bed exit alarm monitors a child’s bed exit activity
  • Bed Exit Alarm resets when child gets back into bed, reducing false alarms
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Fewer Bed Transfers:

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  • Built-in Scale allows children to be weighed directly in bed
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Safer Bed Transfers:

Image for Safer bed Transfer
  • 10” low height allows children to enter/exit bed properly and safely
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Fewer Fall Injuries:

Image for Fewer Fall Injuries
  • 10" low bed height significantly reduces fall injuries
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Fewer Falls From Bed:

Image for Fewer Falls From Bed
  • Sleeping low to the ground helps children to sleep more securely
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Adjustable Nightlight:

Image for Adjustable Nightlights
  • Choose from different brightness settings to help children feel more comfortable at night
  • Comes on automatically when child gets out of bed to reduce trips and falls
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Added Underbed Safety:

Image for Added Underbed Safety
  • Obstruction sensors prevent bed from lowering in the event a child is hiding or playing underneath
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Patient Lockouts:

Image for Patient Lock-Outs
  • All or any patient controls can be locked to restrict use
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Colorful Graphics:

Image for Colorful Graphics
  • Colorful children’s graphics can be added to the siderails
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